Enough: Time to Fight Back

9 July 2013

Enough: Time to Fight Back



“What’re we are going to do next?”

Since the government plays the role as the representative of capitalism under globalization period by using strategies and methods to seize the power of state authorities, and then trying to control, monitor, intervene in and manage both directly and indirectly to oppress the labor movement to benefit the inter- ests of employers, workers with no bargaining power live with fear that they will be unemployed one day. They have to surrender to tyranny in unexpected ways and cannot plan for their own future.

The current laws are also obsolete. The more they have been amended, the more problems they have caused for workers. The procedures to bring jus- tice to workers are so slow. So, it’s time for us to say “Enough!”

“Enough” is the book written to reveal the unfair facts repeatedly hap- pening to workers by using the characters whose names come from the core elements of labor organization administration.

“Enough!” is worth reading as it discloses all facts about a labor situa- tion where workers show great effort to fight against employers’ attempt to break trade unions every way and sometimes the employers use the methods that are out of the ordinary. Readers will understand why unions which are worldwide accepted and allowed by the Constitution are undermined and weakened. Some- times, workers have to sacrifice even their blood and tears in exchange for unions.

The book contains the information for you to further thinking and seeking solutions for all parties in the Thai labor movement and the relevant state agencies in order to create peace and morality which will help resist capital- ism.

Piyachet Klaewklad Chairman of OLUC